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NAM 2007 Partners

University of Central Lancashire www.uclan.ac.uk

RAS www.ras.org.uk

Science and Technology Facilities Council www.scitech.ac.uk

 Magnetosphere Ionosphere and Solar-Terrestrial www.mist.ac.uk

United Kingdom Solar Physics www.uksolphys.org

Outline Science Programme

The following information will be provided in the conference book.

Schedule Outline (25 Mar 2007)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:00 Registration

Plenary Session:

Amanda Karakas

50 Years of Nucleosynthesis

Plenary Session:

Kathryn Johnston

The Assembly of the Galactic Halo

Plenary Session:

Mike Lockwood

The Rough Guide to the Moon and Mars: Essential Physics for the Space Traveller

Plenary Session:

Doug Johnstone

Star Formation in the Era of Large Surveys and Exquisite Resolution

09:40 Registration

Plenary Session:

Jim Klimchuk

The Angry Sun: Explosions in the Corona

Plenary Session:

Annette Ferguson

The Galactic Archaeology of Andromeda

Plenary Session:

Emma Bunce

Saturn's magnetosphere: Open or closed?

Plenary Session:

Patricia Sánchez-Blázquez

The Formation and Evolution of Elliptical Galaxies

10:20 Registration Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
11:00 Parallel Sessions:
P01, P12, P20, P27, P38
Parallel Sessions:
P10, P18, P25, P31, P41, P43
Parallel Sessions:
P02, P04, P19, P30, P34
Parallel Sessions:
P02, P11, P17, P32
12:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch plus SCAP meeting Lunch Lunch & Close

Opening Plenary:

Tim de Zeeuw

Deconstructing Nearby Galaxies: Reading the Fossil Record of Formation

Parallel Sessions:
P05, P24, P33, P38
Parallel Sessions:
P06, P26, P29, P35, P43
RAS Lecture & Awards

Darwin Lecture by Reinhard Genzel

The Massive Black Hole and Nuclear Star Cluster of the Milky Way

followed by RAS Medals

15:00 Tea
15:30 Parallel Sessions:
P07, P13, P23, P28, P42
Tea Tea Tea
16:00 Parallel Sessions:
P05, P16, P22, P24
Parallel Sessions:
P03, P08, P15, P26, P29
STFC & Community Forum
17:30-18:30 Reception & Poster Session   Reception & Poster Session  
Evening Events

Astronomy Question Time:

Chris Lintott

Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Don Kurtz

Lucie Green

Conference Dinner and Ceilidh at National Football Museum

Public Lecture:

Zoltan Kollath

The Stellar Music Project

and 5-a-side Football

An Evening of Music with the Kasim Quintet


UK Solar Physics and MIST Meetings

The UK Solar Physics meeting is taking place with NAM in 2007. The provisional UKSP session timetable could be subject to change.

The Spring MIST meeting is taking place with NAM in 2007. The provisional MIST parallel session timetable could be subject to change. Please note that MIST is scheduled from lunchtime on Mon 16th April to lunchtime on Thursday l9th April 2007. However, MIST participants are encouraged to stay to attend the PPARC/STFC community forum on the Thursday afternoon. Please note that there is no additional cost in regard to the registration fee and lunches to stay through to the Friday afternoon.

The UKSP and MIST programmes are integrated into the overall programme above, but can be downloaded as a separate PDF:

Plenary Sessions






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Parallel Sessions

Provisional session titles now available.

Galaxies & Cosmology

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Stars & Planets

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Solar System

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The Sun

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Facilities & Techniques

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Sources & Processes

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Poster sessions

Poster rooms will be available throughout the conference. On Monday and Wednesday evenings there will be a reception in Greenbank Building accompanied by official poster sessions. There is also a student poster competition.

Posters will be displayed in Greenbank Building, rooms GR201, GR202 and GR204 with over-flow space in Greenbank Cafe as required.


RAS-NAM 2007 "...the UK's premier meeting for the astronomy, solar system and space science communities..."

Professor Michael Rowan-Robinson, RAS President, October 2006

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